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During his November 11 Meet the Press interview with Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama (IL) on NBC’s Meet the Press, host Tim Russert asserted that “critics will say you’ve not been a leader against the war,” and then read a quote he attributed to Obama: “In July of 2004, Barack Obama: ‘I’m not privy […]

Slate Slams Dun

Mar 15th, 2008 | By | Category: Entertainment

Here is a list of things to think about before modifying your new car. Make sure the car modifications you are planning do not void the existing warranty on the automobile. Only use proven, recommended aftermarket parts which are covered by their own warranty. Don’t choose aftermarket parts based on their affordability. Cheap parts can […]

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I don’t know if it’s better to just simply ignore Pat Buchanan. We have been ignoring him for the past few years and he obviously isn’t going away. I think we can learn a great deal from his bigotry-his reasons for why black people are unpatriotic and why they ought to be grateful for slavery […]

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This next point is not to take anything away from how awesome your trailer is; but I don’t quite feel that Pacino shut him down entirely. As you very well know in the following frame, the way in which De Niro glares at Pacino as he issues his razor-sharp retort, with his head tilted way […]


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Juan Williams, the black senior correspondent for National Public Radio has authored a book, “Enough: The Phony Leaders, Dead-End Movements, and Culture of Failure That Are Undermining Black America,” in which he decries the state of the black culture in America. Mr. Williams has come under strong criticism from that very culture. He said: Why […]

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Geraldine was discovered in the 1840s, but it wasn’t until 1854 that Samual Healings built the first bark hut in Talbot Street . He married a Maori woman, Aga Hei, and the totara tree which he planted to mark the birth of his daughter still stands on the site today in Talbot Street , opposite […]

Even Women Have

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Better people than me have taken this on, but it just amazes me that this sort of stuff gets published. People just want to see a fight these days–preferably, apparently, a catfight. I can’t help it, but reading about such episodes of screaming, gushing and swooning makes me wonder whether women — I should say, […]

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Mar 2nd, 2008 | By | Category: Politics

Sec. of State Condolezza Rice alluded to a resentful attitude held by many people in America who identify themselves as Black toward a group of people they consider White. This resentment also extends to the United States of America according to Rice. Miss Rice told editors and reporters at The Washington Times that the United […]