On Sean Bell

Apr 27th, 2008 | By | Category: Politics

I am completey torn about the case. I was not surprised at all that the cops were acquitted. Blacks in New York city (and surrounding boroughs) are second class citizens. I don’t understand why the so-called leaders and the mayor was asking for no violence. Blacks already know that if they get out of line they will be killed.

Part of me asks why was Sean Bell out that late at night if he was getting married the next day. Why did his friends let him drive when he was intoxicated? I am not justifying what the cops did but I am not quick to believe what Al Sharpton says. I want to see the facts for myself.

I thought about this thread all day today… here’s what I got:

Cops shoot a black guy just out having a good time: Black community sees this as another example of… ?

White female honor student shot by thug during a car jacking: Black community sees this as another example of… ?

I don’t think there is a right answer to these questions. I think at the moment that any of these shooters pulled the trigger, they were acting as themselves, not as representatives of a race. Maybe some of them were motivated in some way by racial perspectives, maybe not. It’s hard to know what is in someone’s soul, let alone after the fact.

But if it’s hard to know what’s in someone’s soul, then it’s pretty impossible to believe that there’s a bunch of someones and based on their race/gender/orientation/whatever they all have the same thing in their soul. I don’t see that.

So I say everybody who shoots anybody in these kinds of situations is in the same group – “killed someone innocent”. That’s as far as I go. There is no group in the world that doesn’t have members in that category.

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