About That Assasination Remark

May 23rd, 2008 | By | Category: Social

Let’s unpack this. I can’t interpret Clinton’s original remark in any way other than that she was suggesting that a reason for her to stay in the race was that Sen. Obama might be assassinated. This shows that it’s crossed her mind that a) Sen. Obama might be assassinated, and b) that would remove a big obstacle to her becoming president.

Having said that, I do NOT think she wants Obama to be assassinated. But — and I agree with you here, Ta-Nehisi — she’s tired and stressed, and the remark came out of her mouth before her internal censor could stop it.

I teach college courses. What Sen. Clinton’s remark reminded me of was a student who’s begging for a grade change, but they can’t give a good reason for changing their grade; and they’re screwed, and they know they’re screwed, but they keep on talking, saying whatever comes to mind, in the hopes that something works.

Here’s the thing. Part of what we look for in political leaders is grace under pressure: the ability, when you’re in a corner and your options are dwindling, NOT to look like you’re panicking and just pulling stuff out of your ass. Sen. Clinton looked like a student angling for a break, not like a leader,
and I think that THAT is the takeaway from this incident.

“The blindness is strong in that one.”

Heh. [Yoda voice] Capable of the presidency, she is not!

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