Obama and the Muslims

Jun 18th, 2008 | By | Category: Social

You know, I feel for the Muslim community in this, in part because my lack of religious belief is treated pretty much the same way when it comes to being addressed by politicians. Atheists are at least as invisible as Muslims to mainstream politicians. There are twice as many Muslims serving in the US House as there are atheists, and Pete Stark doesn’t quite proclaim his atheism aloud. So I get the feeling, I really do.

But we’re talking about a guy trying to get 65 million people or so to vote for him, so while I’d love for Obama to come out and make a big deal about the fact that before he joined his Chicago church 20 years ago that he was a religious skeptic (a nice way of saying he was an atheist), I’m not going to pressure him, because I know that my life as an atheist will be better with him as President than with McCain. And the same is true for Muslims in the US.

There are Republican congresspeople who are so stupid that they not only see Arabs and Muslims as synonymous, but they want to deport all Muslims. You don’t see so much of that in the Democratic party.

One other thing. If Barack Obama’s name were different, and he did the same thing, would he be catching any crap for it? For that matter, how much time did any of the other candidates for either major party spend in mosques during the primary? Not a lot, I’ll bet.

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