Obama’s Father’s Day speech

Jun 15th, 2008 | By | Category: Barak Obama

He knew that this speech would be public and whatever good intention he had distorted! Didn’t he give a speech like this last year?

I don’t congratulate Obama on this a bit. Listen, Obama is smart enough to know that as a presidential candidate everything he says will be used as fodder. I’m sure that he is smart enough to know how white people will perceive things. They will look at it and go yea, Obama is the only good black man (of course because of his white upbringing). He is going to set black people straight, yea, tell those black men how its done!

Here is my point, the brohter does not care! The speech was black oriented and he did it to scold black crowds knowing that it will make white people cheer him on….this in the end will get him their vote. I am sick of people feeling the need to scold black people like their bad children constantly. It is easy to scold blacks by making general blanket statements which feed into the low opinion that many whites harbor about blacks. Yet he refuses to speak on the issues that politicans should be concerned with in regards to the black community?

The criminal just-us system?
His plan for crumbling inner city schools other than telling black parents to stop feeding their children “cold chicken for breakfast”?
The list goes on…

This message coming from Obama is not different than that from black leaders, ministers and community leaders. I believe that the impact will be no different either. However in the heads of his precious white voters and white people, Obama has come up with this concept of “personal responsiblity”; a concept foreign to the negro along with moral values, intellectualism, hard work etc…

People seem to only want to harbor on the negative when it comes to the black community. They love to round blacks off to the lowest denominator. I understand that too many black fathers have dropped the ball but many,many HAVE NOT.

I had a wonderful father’s day with my father, uncles, grandfathers, cousins and friends. All of these men are fathers…good fathers. Honestly, I grew up only seeing black men being fathers. I have friends who are good fathers. I would like these men to get praised and not just a mention but praise!! Sometimes praising those who do the right thing makes those who do the wrong thing feel guilty.

I also find it interesting how Obama never gives whites tough love. He cannot even tell them the truth about our society. He simply panders to their every need. Their divorce rate is through the roof! All of my white friends growing up had strained relationships with their parents because of this yet I hear no politican feeling the need to rail against it. The out of wedlock births in the Hispanic community esp. teenage preganancy is the heightest yet I don’t see Bill Richardson or the mayor of L.A. addressing it.

I really am just sick of people making it seem as if blacks are the downfall of humanity and completely dysfuctional.

I live in Brooklyn, I had a father’s day celebration yesterday and the turnout was tremendous!! Blacks fathers and their children and wives and girlfriends galore!! It was wonderful day in the park until it began to rain.

Black people, as Albert Murray pointed out, don’t suffer from a lack of accomplishment. They suffer from a lack of recognition of their accomplishments.

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