The sacred art of giving dap

Jun 4th, 2008 | By | Category: Entertainment

I’m truly surprised at the amount of white folks reading black blogs these days. I hope that’s a good thing that we’ve gotten from this Democratic race.

But it’s funny the stuff that some white people want to take ownership of. I mean, can’t we have shit??? We had to concede basketball after the Argentine team won the gold medal, then sprinting after Jeremy Wariner, and even Paul Wall wears diamond fronts. (Can’t claim golf, cause Tiger says he’s not black.) Now we got to concede giving people a pound? What’s next…the black handshake, too? What about those Kappas that kept being shown during Obama’s victory speech, do we have to give the Nupes up to?

Damn, I guess at least we can still have locs, cocoa and shea butter, barbeque (I had to check on this and Wikipedia says it traces back to the Taino Indians whew) the inner city, goo macaroni and cheese, and of course, the Black church!

And of course if nothing else, we keep the correct name — that would be “dap” or “pound” …because if it’s now a “fist bump,” we won’t be doing it anymore anyway!

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