Pro-choice VS Abortion Reduction

Jul 22nd, 2008 | By | Category: Social

I’ll go on record as saying that abortion is icky. Okay, it’s a lot more complicated than that, but if I were a woman and got pregnant, I’d want to carry the baby to term. And if a girl I was sleeping with got pregnant, I’d want to rearrange my life to make it possible for that baby to have a happy home. Or at least arrange an adoption.

Maybe it’s because I’m here because of an unplanned pregnancy (my older brother’s), and my folks are still married. Maybe it’s because of that line from Cat’s Cradle about unplanned invitations to travel being dancing lessons from god. I don’t know.

And I totally get why someone who thinks that life begins at conception would think abortion is murder and would want to end it. Doesn’t mean I agree, since if God exists and life begins at conception, then God kills more babies than anybody via simple biology.

But those maybes, and those metaphysical beliefs are both deeply personal, and my moral case for a pro-choice position is that we as a society don’t force our citizens to adopt any particular metaphysics as long as they agree to abide by certain rules regarding behavior. And they pay their taxes. That’s a big one.

I’ve never had to make that choice. The closest I ever came was when a friend came to me and said she wanted to have get an abortion, and she needed to borrow money so she could have it as early as possible, and she needed a ride to Illinois because she couldn’t get one in our town. I said yes to both, and I held her hand when she needed me to, because that was the only choice I could live with, and I kept my damn mouth shut about morality and choices and pretty much everything except the weather and traffic.

Because she had made a damn hard choice, and I supported her. Because it wasn’t something I could decide for her, and it certainly wasn’t something that should be up to a judge, or some suit behind a desk to decide for her.

I wasn’t comfortable with it. I’m not particularly comfortable with divorce, either, but I was glad to have the option when my wife left, you know?

I have persuaded several pro-lifers to be pro-choice by talking about my feelings on the matter, leading up to the fact that, in a democracy, we sometimes have to give people the freedom to make choices we disagree with, whether it be for idealist or practical matters, like a tee-totally voting to repeal Prohibition.

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