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Aug 18th, 2008 | By | Category: Social

I just realized something. I’m pretty sure most of the people commenting online dating haven’t read enough poetry in the past few years to have any free online dating standards whatsover. That’s why the stilted iambic tetrameter of Houseman was brought up by stonestools. And it’s not necessarily bad that people who admit they don’t read poetry feel so free to offer complaints, criticisms,etc. It just reminds me of people who criticism, say Young Jeezy, having never heard one of his albums nor any other hip hop from the past five years.

All of that is to say that I thought it would be cool to listen in on this conversation about how folks felt about the inaugural poem, but it really has mostly been drivel, and the open football threads have been much better. I hope though, that some of us pick up a poetry book after this.

You know, I do take Dwayne’s point, that one can have a deeper knowledge of poetry if you’ve studied it and read a lot of it. That’s why I wouldn’t pretend or even attempt to put Alexander’s poem in some kind of broader context within the world of poetry.

But, I am an expert in what I like and what I don’t like. I don’t think my bedrock standards would change just with the addition of more expert knowledge — I might have more appreciation for what an artist is trying to do, but I like what I like. And I don’t think that Alexander is trying to write just for poetry experts.

But I will pick up a poetry book after this. I love the art form, honestly. The Friday discussions have been fascinating and I want to learn more.

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  1. Ta-Nehisi
    You probably don’t remember me, but my late husband Renshi William Adams taught you and Menelik Shorin-ru Karate at Shibumi Martial Arts Studio on Park Circle. Renshi died October 2005 but am sure he would be so proud of your accomplishments and I would like to think that some of what he taught you helped to build your self confidence. I do remember many talks with your father and mother while they were watching you practice or take a belt test. I heard of your book and read it soon after it was published.

    Carolyn Adams

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