Katha Pollitt’s Ill-Concieved Response To That Ill-Concieved “Women Are Stupid” Column

Sep 10th, 2008 | By | Category: Culture, Politics

Because of the strong refute regarding Charlotte Allen’s disrespectful article stating whythe female population are so brainless, Katha Pollitt releases a counter article:

I beg your pardon, I know female’s customs and traditions are often ridiculous but on what area can you attest their stupidity? Isn’t it that women demonstrate huge understanding about complicated theater plays than men? Who do you think feeds the dog while men are busy browsing porn contents? Isn’t it that men waste their time with football while ladies are trying to learn crochet? Do you know the relevance why the majority of Grey’s Anatomy’s viewers are men? Have you forgotten to observe the places of learning? These places apparently represents that women are far smarter and more flexible than men. See how many female are in the museum, a member of the opera or theater. Do you see how many of them are ballet dancers or concert artists?

Women are also well versed in terms of literature and art, ladies love fiction which most men despise, and women would generally read anything that she could be deemed helpful including men’s literature. Now tell me who has the inferior shell?

I admit, from what she’s trying to tell, Katha Pollitt definitely has a strong conviction regarding her belief. She even adapts the identical line of attack to directly contradict Charlotte Allen’s presumption. From what I’ve seen, Pollitt was not contented to easily let go Allen’s low view on women, she actually contradict this by emphasizing that the female generations are generally more intelligent than the male. She stress this point by showing several serious representations including that facts like women populating the theater or starring in the opera and women being famous ballerinas or artists.

On my opinion, the dilemma here is in Pollitt’s use of football and videogames as an example because I don’t think she truly understand football games at all. I admit Charlotte Allen’s statement has a predicament because she boldly declared a seemingly wrong conclusion without considering a more intricate study but Pollitt should have contradict the statement in a more delicate manner.

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Pollitt’s bravery in directly rebuking Allen’s dim-witted statement is something I was really delighted yet I hope she should have been more careful on her proclamation because instead of getting a very empowering piece from her, I think we have gotten an equally bothersome composition similar to Allen’s

This is actually just my opinion in respect to this matter, nevertheless I know some people who actually favors this piece of Pollitt.

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