215/60R16 tires

Jul 29th, 2012 | By | Category: Automotive

To know the difference between different tires is necessary. Many people ignore this fact. They consider this to be non-useful for them. However, this should not be ignored. If you do not know the difference between the tire sizes, you will not be able to choose the perfect tire for your car. As you know, there are different sizes of tires that you see in the market. The car sizes are designed as per the usability and car dimensions. For instance, width and height of bigger vehicle tires are more than that of smaller cars. This is perhaps an easy factor to distinguish, but there are some cases where you will find similar sizes in a particular range.

215/60R16 tires are sometimes recognized as 215/70R16 tires, but these have some difference. The main difference between these two tires is with aspect ratio. The aspect ratio of 215/60R16 tires is 60”, whereas, the other one has 70. So, it clearly tells that 215/60R16 tires have lesser height from the rim to the last thread of the tire than 215/70R16 tires. These two tires are commonly used in family cars and minivans. Sometimes, it becomes hard for people to decide the perfect match for the car. They get confused about the tire models. However, the confusion should be avoided as there is nothing to get confused. The most common types of tires used in family vehicles are 215/70R16 tires. However, it is not always necessary that you use only these tires on your car.

215/60R16 tires are somewhat advanced than 215/70R16 tires. This is the main difference between these two tires. The construction of 215/60R16 tires is very different. You can clearly see the difference in construction that these tires have. However, different tire manufacturers usually offer different construction methods. Some tire manufacturers even use very high quality construction that is entirely different from others. Therefore, you need to make your choice on the basis of some features. Whenever, you are buying any tire, you must know that there are certain features of car tires that make them different from others. You need to identify them.

215/60R16 tires have some common features with all manufacturers. The main feature of these tires is that they have advanced construction for extended stability and comfort. Another feature is that the design of 215/60R16 tires is long lasting. They have much more life than other tires. The design of these tires is also unique. They have lesser height of from the rim that makes them a very compact look. These are the typical features of 215/60R16 tires. However, you may get some better features of these tires. The features of tires also depend on the manufacturer. You can find some manufacturer provides better feature than others. You have to compare and contrast the features of different tire manufactures to get the best tire for your car. This is the best way of buying tires. In this way, you can get the best tire that you want for your car.

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