Injen exhausts, air filters and intakes

Sep 26th, 2012 | By | Category: Automotive

Injen air filters and air intake kits as well as Injen exhaust systems, 100 % meet everybody’s requirements. Injen is ready to offer a wide range of performance products of the highest quality possible. The Injen products became an American dream, though the company has been in business for more or less than 10 years. Using entirely new technologies in the industry, Injen produces the kits for function and design.

Injen air intake kits, air filters, and exhaust systems make the vehicle ready for the road, each and every time round.
Apart from close cooperation with RD Metal Works, Injen associated with AMSOL, Inc. They united to market the Power-flow series of air intake systems.
Referring to the slogan “World Class Customer Service”, Injen combines innovation, styling, and technology in every product. It’s not surprising that Injen was given the International Product Award. Moreover, it got affirmative reviews from customers and the newly targeted warehouse distributors.

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