US is famous in the automotive world by its outstanding rides known for their powerful engines and exciting appearance. Furious muscle cars and massive SUVs became symbols of the American Car Age.

Dodge Charger for almost a century dictates the main trends and directions for the competitors. Their hot wheels has won dozens of NASCAR racings, brining fame and respect for the riders. One of the main complaint on those rides was their handling, Dodge’s handling has been constantly upgraded. Alas its level was still far from popular European sports cars. However, those American legend vehicles still remain quite affordable. Perhaps it is the reasons why they continue to be such popular among US customers. Since its first introduction, there have been several different generations of Chargers. The first version of the Charger had a relatively new fuel injection system. There were several options available to it, including power windows and a convertible top. The second version Charger is also quite important as it was known as the Charger Daytona and had four-wheel disc brakes. There are few of these coveted models left in existence.

In spite the Charger name has been around for about fifty years, it continues to be noteworthy to automobile enthusiasts. That model truly is a part of automobile history. In fact, the oldest Charger in existence recently sold at an auction at the price of one million US dollars. The classic American sports car truly is the Dodge Charger, which is why it has been able to survive and remain popular for over half a century.

Becoming the owner of Dodge Charger, you start thinking about high quality fuel. oil and Charger Accessories, you want to improve your ride with. The first thing that should be done is an air filter change. It is a low cost but very important purchase as Charger engine requires clean air for a correct performance. You may also install air intake that is popular performance accessory on the market. Such upgrade will add additional horsepower an low deep voice for your ride. Dodge Charger Parts are widely available on the WEB and you won’t find it difficult to find and order air filter or other parts.

Dodge Charger Accessories