205/65R15 tires

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Tires are the most important part of a vehicle. This is really important that you should have proper knowledge of the car tires. Many people do not consider this an important thing. However, you should know difference in tires and the properties of tire. There are different types of tires that you can use in […]

Trip to Cranbury – bold

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Life in big cities is so busy and hectic. One simply goes through life working so hard that one barely has any time for oneself. This happened to me as well. I was so busy and tired with my hectic life that I was tired. The busy, noisy and crowded city did not help to […]

Trip to Cranbury – regular

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Cranbury is a small town in the state of New Jersey with a population of less than four thousand. It is not a town that I would generally visit as I feel small towns do not have much to offer and it can easily get boring. Cranbury also happens to be my friend’s hometown so […]

Trip to Cranbury – strong

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My best friend and I went to Cranbury to visit her family. Cranbury is a small town in New Jersey with not much to do around here, so they said. Naturally, hearing that it was the small town of Cranbury I was a bit hesitant to go. The trip would be for a week and […]

Treadmills at 21Sports – strong

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How to Take Good Care of A Treadmill Most of us stay away from spending more for treadmill due to the fear that it won’t be with you for long. But, the fact is that if you maintain it properly, it would take care of your health, and that too for many years to come. […]

Treadmills at 21Sports – bold

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How to Get The Maximum Out of Your Treadmill People generally avoid treadmills. And the villain here is the fear that to get result from a treadmill, you have to strain yourself excessively. However, the fact is just the opposite. Spending just a few minutes consistently is sufficient enough to come up with exciting results. […]

Treadmills at 21Sports – regular

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How to Buy a Treadmill which is capable of fulfilling all your fitness requirements The task of finding an ideal treadmill which is powerful enough to meet all your fitness requirements is not a tough one if you know what yourself perfectly well. It just requires a bit of research and your willingness to put […]

Hillary and Harlem Post Election.html

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Pour out a little liquor

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Because it’s my impression that minorities still have a lot of problems with glass ceilings in a lot of the better professions (like working as lawyers at law firms, etc.) and affirmative action is something that’s pulling black people out of lower economic rungs which in turn leads to a color blind society– more people […]

A few more thoughts on the celeb ad

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As a native of the DC-MD suburbs, I need to come to Honest Tea’s specific defense here. The founders of Honest Tea are members of my congregation and started the business in about as American a way as possible, Seth brewing tea out of his kitchen. And he responded specifically to the elitism charge on […]